“Keep your face always toward the sunshine
and the shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Whitman


These are the things everyone is responsible for completing…

Weekly Requirements

Since we are now 2 groups – that is, some of you are continuing down the path you were on, some are starting the new project, please just go straight to the tab that relates to your path forward to get specific instructions. Thanks…


Focus on making steady progress toward significant, measurable outcomes/results. Remember, the next 4 weeks will play a very large part in your grade for this semester. That can be great news, or that can be bad news. Please make the most of it. HOW? Good question.

  • You have 2 more DPUs due – Mon May 15 and Tues May 30. Do them well.
  • Steady progress from where you are, through as much of the Coursera course or Inquiry you’re currently working on, is critical.
  • Communicate with me via Basecamp regularly (weekly at the very least) to ask questions or communicate your progress.
  • Regardless of where you end up, you MUST complete and turn in a DOL for the content area you are working on to demonstrate what you learned and how you’ve grown, by Friday, June 2nd (the week before finals).




You have been placed into your groups, and you can find who your team members are by checking the Message Board of your class period there (the message titled “Groupings”), or by clicking on the appropriate link below.  Please sit with your group from this point forward.

Please keep in mind. You’ve got just over 4 weeks of school left. You have opted into this group project, and group work requires you to be here. There is too much to do, and too little time left, for you to miss more than a single day between now and the end of the year. Please do what you have to do to get here every Monday/Wednesday/Friday from here on out.

You have a few other tasks required to be completed today. Please designate 1 person in your group (only 1…not all of you) to do the following. Note, brief “HOW TO” video tutorials are included below as well.

  1. Create a Google Drive folder, called “Final Project – Dickerson 2017”, and share it with each of your team members.
  2. Make a copy of THIS DOCUMENT – Organizing GQs – and put it in the above shared folder. Call the document “Organized GQs – First name, First name & First name”, where the names are those of all group members (see video for clarification)
  3. Make a copy of THIS DOCUMENT – Team Status Report – and put it in the above shared folder. Call the document “Team Status Report – First name, First name & First name”, where the names are those of all group members (see video for clarification)
  4. Create a Basecamp Team, and invite all team members to collaborate. Set up as desired…

Google Drive Folder

Putting the 2 Docs into your GD Folder

Create Basecamp Team & Adding Docs to it

Sorry, more to come soon…

Guiding Question for this week:


Learning Objective:




These are the extra things you may choose to do throughout the week if you like.

The following are things you may choose to do for additional miles (MI) as well as capital (C) – not to mention to grow and learn and become better. Sometimes these optional items will relate directly to the work you’re doing, other times they will be random. Either way, they represent things the Guide feels are worth your time. As always, though, the required items above are the priority. Feel free to do these on your own time as well.

Nothing to see here folks…you’ve clearly shown that optional adventures are not of interest to you.