“Classrooms where teachers and students actively work
against the narratives and misconceptions that batter them
are places where real learning happens.”

Anne Beatty


These are the things everyone is responsible for completing…

Weekly Requirements

Since we are now 2 groups – that is, some of you are continuing down the path you were on, some are working on the new project, please just go straight to the tab that relates to your path forward to get specific instructions.



Though please remember your DPU is due by the end of the school day (2:30pm) on Tuesday.



Your last couple days have arrived. Wednesday is a day to finish up your course-work and prepare for your DOL.

  • Steady progress from where you are, through as much of the Coursera course or Inquiry you’re currently working on, is critical.
  • Regardless of where you end up, you MUST complete and turn in a DOL for the content area you are working on to demonstrate what you learned and how you’ve grown, on Friday, June 2nd.


Holiday/No School.


Naturally, once again we’re focused on our schedule. We have the following priorities…

  • Complete the final draft of your CCO
  • Complete the final draft of your S&S
  • Get organized for turn-in. We’ll discuss this as a class, but just to be clear, every group is required to do the following:
    1. RENAME your group folder “Dickerson FP – Per # – First Name, First Name, First Name”
    2. Share your group Google Folder with me
    3. Include the following items in your folder
      • Completed Organizing GQ document (all GQs, answers and links
      • Completed Team Status Report (columns 1, 2 & 3 only)
      • Deliverable 1 – Course Curriculum Outline
      • Deliverable 2 – Scope and Sequence


Priorities include…

  • Finish up any last minute deliverables
  • Develop your presentation and rehearse/refine it with your group.
  • We will also be completing a reflection (link coming soon).

I *STRONGLY* urge you to spend some time refining your presentation over the weekend. This is your last chance to show yourself, your peers, your audience, and me, what you’re capable of. Finishing on a high note will set you up nicely for your final year at VHS.

We will be completing the post program survey at some point. More info coming on that…


These are the extra things you may choose to do throughout the week if you like.

The following are things you may choose to do for additional miles (MI) as well as capital (C) – not to mention to grow and learn and become better. Sometimes these optional items will relate directly to the work you’re doing, other times they will be random. Either way, they represent things the Guide feels are worth your time. As always, though, the required items above are the priority. Feel free to do these on your own time as well.

Nothing to see here folks…you’ve clearly shown that optional adventures are not of interest to you.