“I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really.
Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

Andy Dufresne – The Shawshank Redemption


These are the things everyone is responsible for completing…

Weekly Requirements

An important week all the way around folks. With just 2 weeks before spring break, and 11 weeks left in the school year, everything we do this week is important. And that means you need a plan. No more coming into class and just doing whatever gets done. Nope, you need to plan for success, and that means every day you should have a clear idea of what you hope to accomplish, and then hold yourself accountable to it.

I’ve said it before, but let me say it again now. The content of what you learn in high school  – the history or math or whatever – is NOT what’s most important. What really matters are the habits you develop, and the opportunities you have to try something, to fail, and to try again. To give yourself a handful of chances to see what you’re capable of so that in the years to come, you have these experiences to refer back to and gain strength from.

If you’re just sitting back and trying to get through these 4 years, well, you’re not just missing the point, you’re missing the opportunity of a lifetime. Life outside of high school has real consequences, and that life is coming up fast. Don’t meet it unprepared.

The agenda for the week is as follows…

  1. Publish your DPU (Due Monday)
  2. Continue exploring your content area
    • Real progress needs to be made this week. And every week from here on out.
  3. Global Nomads continues for those involved

You have one, very important required tasks today.

As usual, done over at the Vista PLA site. Please be sure to use the new template. One thing to add – once you’ve loaded that template, toward the top right of the screen, it says ‘Divi Post Settings’. Under Page Layout, please click the drop down menu and choose “Full Width”.


  • The Demonstration of Learning section is critical, and it’s where the bulk of your grade, and growth, comes from.
  • You must use the paragraph organization we’ve discussed in class. See HERE for a reminder.
  • If you’re not including 4 + paragraphs in this section, you’re not doing your job. We’re talking about 2 weeks of work – 8-10 hours of learning.
  • Remember, a portfolio is intended to show a viewer what you’re capable of, and how you’ve grown. You can’t do that in a few sentences.

If you finish your DPU with time to spare, please continue developing your content areas. But first, go back and read that 3rd bullet point above. Do you really have 4+ well organized paragraphs?

Couple quick announcements…

First, I’m out today. Check Basecamp for a note on that. Otherwise…

Your required tasks are below.

This will either be developing your inquiry OR going through the Coursera course you’ve chosen.

I’ll continue moving through the roster. If I call you over, please come prepared to discuss your progress. Please bring any notes you’ve taken since our last conference.

For those involved, please click on the GNG tab (next to the Friday tab) and get started on that first. We’ll gather as a group to do some work together, but there will also be some individual work you need to do.


Please note that I’ve made some changes to the Co-Op. We talked about some of this Monday and we can do so again on Friday, but just so you know…

  • As I said early on, I might need to adjust pricing/points on things once I get a sense for what is possible in terms of earning, and so I’ve made those adjustments. Some prices, and earning potential, have gone down, some have gone up. You still have plenty of opportunity to earn and purchase, but yes, you must work for it.
  • Absences and tardies are no longer on the list for you to pay for. I’ll be assessing those myself as I’ve found that you were not all paying what was due in a consistent way.
  • ‘Use of Phone’ is no longer a privilege you can purchase. Instead, you can buy the ability to ‘listen to music’, meaning you can stream music on your computers if you purchase this. It’s a week-long privilege, same as before, and as reminder, it’s free for any who have reached Elevation 6. AS A RESULT…you may not have your phone out in class. Period. If you want to charge it, plug it in behind my desk before the bell rings, and do not touch it until the bell ending class has rung. Otherwise, if I see it at all, and I do mean at all, I’ll take it and give it to the front office. No exceptions.
  • I will begin issuing both bonuses AND penalties for the following kinds of circumstances…
    • Packing up before the ‘pack up music’ starts – P (note that this may also impact your effort grade negatively)
    • Exceptional effort demonstrated in DPUs and elsewhere – B (note that this may also impact your effort grade positively)
    • Contributing to the success of others – B
    • Others, as I see fit…
  • Oh, and I got new stuff (new candy, popcorn, cup o’ noodles)

Your required tasks are below.

This will either be developing your inquiry OR going through the Coursera course you’ve chosen.

I’ll continue moving through the roster. If I call you over, please come prepared to discuss your progress. Please bring any notes you’ve taken since our last conference.

Greetings. We’re beginning our work on Lesson 2 this week. Naturally, you all have your student guides to the Campfire: Our Stories, Global Perspectives program, but I’ve described the flow of our work this week below…

Guiding Question for this week:

What skills do I have or can I develop to see the world from multiple perspectives?

Learning Objective:

Students will be able to use the strategies of asking complete questions and see-think-wonder to create open and honest dialogue and develop multiple perspectives.

Please start today by opening your GNG Student guide to page 17. Read through the EXPLORE section to learn about the See-Think-Wonder strategy (it says we worked with this already, but we didn’t). Read carefully through that 1st table to get clear on how to use this approach to learn more fully about something that may be new to us, or that we don’t fully understand. Instead of immediately forming a judgment about something, the S-T-W strategy helps us to remain open minded and curious.

Use this strategy to review the class picture our partner classroom posted, and come to our group discussion ready to discuss what you ‘see, think and wonder’.

Then, go to the 2nd table on page 17 to learn about asking complete questions. Please come to group discussion with each of the 2 remaining questions under the “Instead of asking…” column re-written as a better, more complete question.

We’ll do the rest together. I’ll be calling you up in a bit.


These are the extra things you may choose to do throughout the week if you like.

The following are things you may choose to do for additional miles (MI) as well as capital (C) – not to mention to grow and learn and become better. Sometimes these optional items will relate directly to the work you’re doing, other times they will be random. Either way, they represent things the Guide feels are worth your time. As always, though, the required items above are the priority. Feel free to do these on your own time as well.

ADVENTURE: Planning for Success