I realize I haven’t been entirely clear regarding your weekly DPUs, so, I thought I’d try to remedy that. Below, I’ve described what my expectations are. If you have any questions about this at all, please consult one of your peers, or let’s discuss it in our weekly conference.


This section should be brief – 2 sentences or so – and include the following:

  1. A quick update as to where you are in your inquiry.
    • Example: I am still in the Investigate stage of my inquiry. I’ve got 7 resources and have answered 5 of my GQs. I’m thinking about revising my EQ a little bit to go in the direction of US intervention in Latin America, but I haven’t decided yet.
  2. A quick discussion about your short-term goals from last week
    • Example: Last week my short term goals were to find a resource that would help me answer my GQ about the Bay of Pigs. I did that. I also was hoping to decide on who my audience would be for my DOL. Not decided yet but I’m thinking of making a video and playing it for Mr. Stuckey’s 12th grade class.


Based on where you are on the day you publish your DPU, what, specifically, are you planning to work on over the next week RELATED SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR INQUIRY OR COURSERA COURSE? Be clear and specific here. 1 sentence is fine.


Based on where you are, and based on your STG, what is the plan for completing your inquiry/Coursera course? Yes, you’ll do certain things in the next week (your S/T Goals), but what’s the bigger plan? Look ahead and decide what comes next, and after that. Imagine all the things that you still need to do before you’re done with your inquiry, and put a possible schedule together for their completion.

Demonstration of Learning:

This section should be your longest and it needs to include an in depth explanation of  WHAT YOU LEARNED over the last week.

A few reminders about what is expected….

  • The Demonstration of Learning section is critical, and it’s where the bulk of your grade, and growth, comes from.
  • You must use the paragraph organization we’ve discussed in class. See HERE for a reminder. WHY? Because it allows you to tell me what you’ve learned AND show me your thinking. It’s not enough to list a bunch of details. You must tell me why those details are important and how they support your claim.
  • If you’re not including 4 + paragraphs in this section, you’re not doing your job. We’re talking about 2 weeks of work – 8-10 hours of learning.
  • Remember, a portfolio is intended to show a viewer what you’re capable of, and how you’ve grown. You can’t do that in a few sentences.

Feel free to provide links to resources you’ve used, etc.