The Cooperative

The Co-Op

Looking to spend some of your hard-earned Capital? You’ve come to the right place. But spend your earnings wisely my friends. All sales are final. No returns. No refunds. No exceptions. And don’t neglect the value in saving for something bigger down the road.

The Cooperative (the Co-Op) is a community store, of sorts. But not like any you’ve ever visited before. Yes, it’s a place where you are free to spend your Capital on any of the privileges or goods you see below. But it’s also a place where you can claim credit (get more Capital) for things you’ve done, as well as be assessed penalties for poor decisions or false claims.

So yes, enjoy…but please enjoy responsibly. And also remember that sometimes putting off small purchases that benefit you now, so that you can save for larger purchases down the road, is a good idea.

NOTE: As a general rule, food purchases are limited to a maximum of 2 per person, per class day, and 3 per week. The Guide may also limit purchases of any kind, on any day, for any reason. Though he promises not to do so for no good reason.

Class Privileges:

Being adventurous has it’s perks. Perhaps you’d like to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of being an independent, capable, respected member of The Narrows. Of course you would…Who wouldn’t?

Just be mindful that should you be found to use more than you’ve paid for, there will be consequences. Enjoy!

Class privileges
  • [go_store id=”63″]
  • [go_store id=”65″]
  • [go_store id=”69″]
  • [go_store id=”512″]
  • [go_store id=”323″]
  • [go_store id=”325″]
  • [go_store id=”327″]
  • [go_store id=”516″]


It’s important to stay properly fueled when out on the trail. Assuming you’ve amassed enough Capital, and the willingness to part with it, you can buy tasty things to eat here at the Co-Op. Do note, however, that if you’d like to eat these tasty things in class, you’ll have to purchase the privilege to do so. Or, if you’d rather, you can buy the privilege of working outside and take your food with you.

  • [go_store id=”84″]
  • [go_store id=”86″]
  • [go_store id=”88″]
  • [go_store id=”901″]

Miscellaneous Goods:

It’s a random collection of items, and supplies are limited, but if any of these items would be helpful to you on your journey, by all means buy them and enjoy them in good health.

Miscellaneous Goods
  • [go_store id=”585″]
  • [go_store id=”587″]
  • [go_store id=”695″]
  • [go_store id=”811″]
  • [go_store id=”814″]
  • [go_store id=”817″]
  • [go_store id=”830″]

Opportunities for Riches Along the Path:

As noted, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn Capital by completing Adventures in your weekly expeditions, but here are a few bonus items to help support you in your wandering.

Opportunities for Riches
  • [go_store id=”242″]
  • [go_store id=”518″]
  • [go_store id=”248″]
  • [go_store id=”286″]


In The Narrows, you’re expected to come each day, prepared to meet the challenges of the trail. And to do so in a way that helps build up our community of wanderers, not tear it down. Effort. Integrity. Generosity. A willing posture. These are the foundations upon which The Narrows is built. When you chip away at those foundations, you pay the price.

  • [go_store id=”66″]
  • [go_store id=”329″]
  • [go_store id=”317″]
  • [go_store id=”333″]
  • [go_store id=”335″]
  • [go_store id=”71″]

Earned Income:

By completing required and optional Adventures, you have the opportunity to earn quite a bit of Miles and Capital. The items available here are how you claim credit for having accepted the challenge that such Adventures offer, and demonstrated to The Guide that you’ve successfully achieved your goal.

For the Weekly DPU, you should claim it every-other Monday, AFTER you’ve published it. For optional Adventures, the Guide will distribute points, or create Co-Op items for you to claim those points.

Earned Income
  • [go_store id=”630″]
  • Loads of Optional Adventures that will allow you to earn capital. The Guide will award these points upon completion/demonstration of learning.