Planning for Success

Hello Visitor, glad to see you. As you well know, here in The Narrows, we focus frequently on setting goals - both short- and long-term - in an effort to get you focused on meaningful action around your priorities.

Why? Because we're unlikely to hit the target if we don't know what the target is. And by writing them down, we begin to see more clearly what we're aiming at.

But writing them down is only so effective if we don't have a tool, and a system in place to help us manage our goals. This adventure is about those tools/systems. Interested???

Fantastic. One clarification before we go any further. Goal setting is a general term that normally refers to planning for the accomplishment of certain things that are important to you. Maybe you want to run a 10k, or take a family trip or make it to CIF this year. Those are typical goals and they're powerful and important.

But as a student, you might also have goals around your school work. You have assignments in all your classes, and if you don't keep track of them, they tend to pile up and, at some point, they feel overwhelming. Like it's too much to handle, and the typical result is that they just don't get done. That's not a very good strategy for success in school, so goal setting around these kinds of things are powerful and important, too.

The Guide knows that you're talking about goal-setting in Mrs. Anderson's class as well.  And that she has discussed with you some ideas about certain tools you have available to you. They might include...

  • Google Calendar
  • A paper planner of some kind in your notebook
  • Any number of online tools
  • Apps on your phone

The specific tool itself isn't what's important. As long as it provides you the opportunity to....

  1. Identify something that you want or need to accomplish
  2. Specify a date on which this goal/assignment is due
  3. Regularly review your goals/assignments so that you can keep track of them and their due dates
  4. Adjust accordingly, based on progress made

Am I making sense here traveler?

Great. So here's the deal with this adventure. You'll be rewarded for its completion when you...

  • Show me the specific tool you're using to keep track of goals/assignments
  • Explain the system you're using to keep track of these goals so that they don't get written down once and then forgotten
  • Demonstrate goals/assignments/due dates associated with all of your PLA classes

If you do this, you can earn 50 capital per week.  But it's an all-or-nothing situation. You must demonstrate all 3 of the above bullet points to me, during our conference or during the last few minutes of a given class, or you don't get the reward.

As always, I'm happy to clarify if you have questions.

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