Memorize: Gettysburg Address

Greetings, Visitor, thanks for your interest in this optional Adventure. As a 'Good To Know' Adventure, this is all about memorization. Yes, I know, memorizing facts and dates and other such Googleable information isn't really our thing here in The Narrows. That's true.

However, in the humble opinion of The Guide, there are some things worth memorizing. Things that open up our perspectives. That let us see the world a little differently. And The Guide believes that if you'll invest in memorizing these things, you'll be a better person because of it.

"Good To Know" Adventures work just a tiny bit differently. Yes, you get a few Miles for clicking on through, but the real payoff comes when you recite what you've learned. When you show The Guide (and others, preferably) that you have, in fact, memorized what you've set out to memorize. In this case, what you'll be setting out to memorize is the Gettysburg Address.

Sound good? Are you ready to proceed, my friend? If not, that's okay, please click "Abandon" and relinquish your 5 miles. But if so, then get your 'stretch' on and click on through to some resources that might be of help.

Splendid. Now then, memorizing the Gettysburg Address is a worthy effort. And though The Guide would not characterize it as easy - almost 270 words, all in - it's well within your ability. As with the Preamble (have you taken that Adventure yet?), it's one of those documents that is foundational to our country's history, and to the Democracy we've built.

To claim the full Credits for this Adventure, you will need to briefly, but thoroughly, explain what the Gettysburg Address is, and recite it, from memory, to The Guide. Your recitation may include 1 or 2 mistakes (forgotten words, incorrect words used, etc), but no more. Otherwise, you will be asked to return to your study of the document and try again another day.

Feel free to find it on your own, but just in case, here's a link to the text of the Gettysburg Address.

Please note, there are a few different copies of the Address (different people, at the time, received copies of it from President Lincoln), all of them, while quite similar, have slight differences. You're free to choose whichever you like.

As previously mentioned, these "Good To Know" Adventures are a little different. If you've come this far, you've gotten a grand total of 15 miles. Not much, right?

But don't worry, your travels will all be worth it. Upon demonstrating that you have, in fact, memorized the Gettysburg Address, you'll be instructed to claim the appropriate Credit. Which, in this case, is 150 Capital.

ONE WORD OF WARNING: You must demonstrate your learning (recite the Gettysburg Address to The Guide) within 2 weeks of accessing this Adventure. Otherwise, your miles will be revoked and penalties assessed. If you're not okay with that, please undo your progress to this point and abandon this Adventure.

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