Learn To Type


Hello Visitor, thanks for your interest in this optional Adventure. As a 'Tech Task' Adventure, this one is intended to encourage you to learn a skill that will give you an advantage in the world outside of school (yes, it's helpful in school as well).

"Tech Task" Adventures work just a tiny bit differently. Yes, you get a few Miles for clicking on through, but the real payoff comes when you demonstrate your learning. When you show The Guide that you have, in fact, achieved a certain level of mastery around the skill in question. In this case, that skill is typing.

Sound good? Are you ready to proceed, my friend? If not, that's okay, please click "Abandon" and relinquish your 5 miles. But if so, then get your 'stretch' on and click on through to some resources that might be of help.


Being able to type in today's world is critical. And to do so at a fast pace, and accurately, will serve you well in the years to come.

To claim Credits for this Adventure, you will need to take an online typing test in the presence of the Guide. The typing test will be administered using the following site:

Typing Test

In preparation for the test, you are free to practice any way you like, though a good resource can be found HERE. Use it if you like.


As previously mentioned, these "Tech Task" Adventures are a little different. If you've come this far, you've gotten a grand total of 15 miles. Not much.

But don't worry, your travels will all be worth it. Upon demonstrating that you have, in fact, learned to type (that is, REALLY learned, meaning you don't look at your fingers and the keyboard as you type), you'll be instructed to claim the appropriate Credit. Which, in this case, is as follows:

50 words per minute = 50 Capital
60 words per minute = 75 Capital
70 words per minute = 100 Capital
80 words per minute = 200 Capita
100 words per minute = 500 Capital

**Anything less than 50 wpm is not rewarded. It may still be a great accomplishment to get to, say 35 wpm, if you started out at 15, but it's not enough to earn Capital.  Also, all wpm counts are based on the 'adjusted for errors' rate.

ONE WORD OF WARNING: You must demonstrate your first attempt in learning (take your first typing test) within 2 weeks of accessing this Adventure. Otherwise, your miles will be revoked and penalties assessed. If you're not okay with that, please undo your progress to this point and abandon this Adventure.

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