Introducing the Co-Op


Before we get too deep into our work in The Narrows, there are some miscellaneous rules, protocols, expectations and explanations that you need to become familiar with. Failure to understand and adhere to them can have some pretty big consequences, so you want to pay close attention.

The bulk of this can be clarified by exploring The Cooperative. Ready to proceed, Visitor?


The Co-Op (aka The Cooperative)
As the intro text on the Co-Op page states, this is a community store. It's where you'll purchase things (privileges, food, etc), but it's also where you'll claim credit for other things (in other words, where you'll get paid for things you've done) *AND* pay penalties you may incur.

Like most things in The Narrows, the Co-Op is something you'll figure out as you go, but a brief introduction is appropriate, so here's a short video.

Ready to dive into the details?


Each section of The Co-Op is explained in a short video. Please watch them all.


Once again, a lot to take in, I know. And as was already mentioned, you'll do the bulk of your learning on the trail. That is, as you're doing the work. But it's critical that you understand the basics in the above videos, so before you leave this adventure, be sure you do, because as you know, if you claim credit for something you don't deserve, consequences are severe.

Let's go through a quick example. By clicking through to this stage, you've now earned the full amount for this adventure. Which is great. But let's say you walk in late next class period, and because I'm a kind and generous Guide, I remind you that you have 2 minutes to pay your tardy penalty (please understand, however, it's not MY responsibility to remind you, it's YOUR responsibility to remember to do it). And you look at me with a bit of confusion in your eyes and say, "I don't know how to do that Mr. D.".

What do you think might happen? Let me explain it clearly. Since you don't know how to do what you're responsible to do, it's likely you will not pay for your tardy within 2 minutes, which means that instead of paying 50 Capital for it, you'll end up paying 100 Capital, and incur 1 Damage (that's what the Tardy Fail requires).

And, because you clearly showed me that even though you went through THIS adventure, and claimed credit for all stages, you didn't really understand the basics, I will ask you to purchase a General Penalty 100, which means that in addition to the 100 C and 1 D you already paid for your tardy, you'll pay an additional 100 C, 100 M (miles) and 1 D for claiming credit for this Adventure even though you didn't really pay attention.

As mentioned elsewhere, members of The Narrows who play by the rules and adhere to our values will enjoy their time here. Those who don't, won't.

So please, make sure you are actually completing these adventures with great effort. Actually trying to understand each and every concept, idea, etc, so that it becomes part of your awareness. Also, remember that the Guide does not expect perfection, but he does expect an honest effort. If you're unsure about something, ask your peers, and if THEY'RE unsure about something, help them.

And if confusion persists, ask the Guide. Your success on the trail is his highest priority. Truly.

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