Find Your Conference Schedule


Yay!! Things are finally getting serious here in The Narrows. This week we will officially begin our conferencing - that is, our small-group meetings where you and a few of your class mates will meet with the Guide to monitor progress, get and provide feedback, and plan for our future success.

Good stuff. Ready?


In order to make sure the Guide has time with every single student, every single week, he made an appointment calendar. And that appointment calendar has every student, as part of a small group, meeting with him on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

So how do you know when your conference appointment is? Well, the first thing you should do is check your email. On Tuesday, 1/17/17, you received an email that had a subject that was something like: INVITATION: Conference 2 - Name 1, Name 2, etc. And in that email was something that looked like this:

Conference Email

Please note the section inside the pink circle. This is the time and day you are scheduled to meet with the Guide.  Please click on the YES (the green arrow is pointing to it) so that this appointment is added to your Google Calendar.

Also note, there are a few things you should be prepared with, and they are listed under  the heading 'Be prepared for/with:'. Please bring all necessary items and be ready to discuss your work with clarity and precision.

If for some reason you can't find that email, the pictures below show the appointment days/times, and you should search for your names in the appropriate period. You should appear 1 time on one of the days (Monday, Wednesday or Friday).


Your appointment time will be the same every week. If for some reason it changes, the Guide will let you know. It's your responsibility to be at the conference table (where the Guide sits) at that time, on that day, ready to go. There will likely be another group at the table before you. Come stand by the table and wait for the previous group to leave, and then sit down immediately.

If the Guide has to call you over, there will be consequences. If you are not prepared to participate as requested, there will be consequences.

Remember, Visitor, there are no tests. No homework. These conferences, along with your weekly DPUs are how the Guide will assess your growth and performance. Don't squander this opportunity to show off what you've done. To clearly demonstrate how hard you've worked, what you've learned, where you're headed.

The Guide can't stress enough just how important this is. These Weekly Check-ins have another function also. They offer the chance to get feedback from the Guide and from your peers about your work. And as anyone who's ever accomplished anything big can tell you, it doesn't happen instantly. It's the result of steady progress. Do something. Get feedback. Revise what you did to make it better. Get more feedback. Revise again. Repeat.

If you don't come with work to show and get feedback on, not only will you suffer because of that day's failings, but you'll miss out on this critical feedback, which means that in all likelihood, your work for the next week will not be that great. And in this way, the dominoes will fall, and they're hard to pick up, friend. Very hard.

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