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This is a Tier 2 Adventure, Visitor, which means nothing to you because it's the first you're hearing of it. That's okay...what you need to know is that the amount you earn in Miles and Capital is doubled after the first 2 stages. Why? you ask? Because this is a pretty serious climb, friend, and you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts.

This Adventure is required so that you can get clear about the WHAT of your learning. You already know there will be certain content areas to choose from, and that you'll get to explore a focus topic of your choosing within that content.

But the process you'll follow is important. And it's one you'll need to get VERY familiar with because you'll use the same process for every content area...every inquiry.

This Adventure is all about that process.

PLEASE NOTE: To get a clear understanding of this process, you're going to have to read quite a bit, and pay very close attention to the videos below. There's no way around it, friend, so you need to just accept that now and commit to doing the work.

Cutting corners now will have a negative impact on you for the rest of the semester. But that's as it should be. Any mountain worth climbing requires effort. Requires us to do things we may not love to do, but which will, ultimately, help us achieve success in the long run. Embrace that work.


Great, let's get started. The process I mentioned has been fully explained in the form of a number of different slides (as in, slides on a Powerpoint or slide presentation), and then further explained in some videos I've made to accompany those slides. So as you make your way through this adventure, you'll come first to the slide, and then the video (or videos) that explain that slide.

In some cases, the slides themselves have links on them - you should click on those links and read what you find. In such cases, I have also provided a video to explain the document that is linked to. But as you'll see, the videos are not a replacement for the reading. You must still read everything you come to in order to fully understand. That includes all 7 slides and all documents that are linked to on all slides.


Slide 1:

Slide 1 Video(s):

Slide 2:

Slide 2 Video(s):

How's it going, Visitor? Are you getting it? If not, slow it down and go back and re-read/watch. This is important.

Slide 3:

Slide 3 Video(s):

Slide 4:

Slide 4 Video(s):

You've almost made it...just a few more slides. Again, slow down if need be, you don't want to run out of steam before you reach the top. Otherwise, click on through...

Slide 5:

Slide 5 Video(s):

Slides 6 & 7:

Slides 6 & 7 Video(s):

Phew! That was a lot to take in. It's fine if you did it over a couple days while working on other things. But again, I MUST's critical that you understand it. Critical.

Here is a graphic organizer that attempts to explain the process visually. Perhaps you'll find it helpful..?? ((click to enlarge))

Inquiry Flowchart


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