Basecamp Notification Settings


Hello Visitor, here's a quick, optional adventure for you. It's not critical (hence, it's optional), but it may be useful to you to help manage online communication with Basecamp.  Cool?


This video will show you how to set up Basecamp notifications so that you only get the messages you want, and you get them when, and how, you want them.


Now that you've set up your notification settings, please click into your Period Team and post the following in the Campfire Screen...

  • What you chose to get notified about
  • How you chose to get notified
  • When you chose to get notified

BONUS: from that campfire screen, notice at the top right (below where it says 'docs & files'), it says "Following", with a check mark by it. Regardless of whatever notification settings you just established, if you don't want notifications about campfire messages, you can click on that word and it will turn off notifications for just these campfire messages. Totally optional. :)

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