Notebooks - 2017/18 School Year

Greetings. If you’re looking to tidy up your notebooks and ensure you have everything just right, you’ve come to the right place. Below, please find details and pictures.

One quick note, however. This page is intended as a guide. Something to help you stay organized and/or get caught up on work you may have missed due to absence, etc.

This is NOT intended to show you the exact, single, correct way to complete your notebooks. Yes, your table of contents should be accurate, and yes, each page of your notebooks should contain the thing that table of contents suggests. But we’re all different people, we all interact with the content and activities we do in class differently. What I have below is a reflection of me, and of my interpretation of that content, and those activities.

In other words, your work should be YOUR work. Don’t use the below as a resource to simply copy. Your ability to copy others’ work is not valued. Your willingness to engage in thinking, to work hard to express that thinking, to risk being wrong, and to DO THE WORK…those things are what we value here.

Please act accordingly.