Notebooks - 2017/18 School Year

Hoping to tidy up your notebook? Splendid…

I’ve decided to only keep the Table of Contents on this page rather than every page of the notebook. That got a bit much to manage consistently.

However, my notebook, which you can certainly use as a guide for what, specifically, should be on each page of your notebook, is available to review in class. So please feel free to check it out and ask questions if you have them.

One quick note, while this page, and my example notebook are intended as a guide, something to help you stay organized and/or get caught up on work you may have missed due to absence, etc., it is not intended to be something you simply copy.

We’re all different people, we all interact with the content and activities we do in class differently. What I in my notebook is a reflection of me, and of my interpretation of that content, and those activities.

In other words, your work should be YOUR work. Don’t use anyone else’s notebook (including mine) as a resource to simply copy. Your ability to copy others’ work is not valued. Your willingness to engage in thinking, to work hard to express that thinking, to risk being wrong, and to DO THE WORK…those things are what we value here.

Please act accordingly.

9th Grade

10th Grade