Weekly Expeditions

9th – Challenge: Daily Lessons

The archive of our lessons can be found here. Particularly helpful if you’ve been off-trail for a bit and need to reacquaint yourself with the rigors, and joys, of a life of adventure.

Review, & Country Profiles

Review, & Country Profiles Monday 10/16/2017 - OPENING: 10 minutes Today's warm up is going to be, at best, a closing activity. With a short day and a strange week ahead, there are a couple things I need to be sure to cover, so today's 20 Questions will either...

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Comparing Continents

Comparing Continents Thursday 10/12/2017 - OPENING: 10 minutes Today's installment of 'Thinking about our thinking' (our Habits of Mind reflection) is going to be in the form of a written reflection. We'll be responding to the prompt found HERE after we discuss the...

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The Global Family

The Global Family Wednesday 10/11/2017 - OPENING: 10 minutes Time for a little practice identifying Big Ideas. We'll make it quick, watching a short video and then going lightning-round-style around the room to hear your ideas about the big ideas you noticed. LESSON -...

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100 People

Tuesday 10/10/2017 - OPENING: 15 minutes Today's warmup has us looking at source credibility. I'll be dishing out a link via Basecamp and you'll work in your table groups to figure out whether the source is credible (believable) and, most importantly, WHY you think...

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Intro to Globalizaiton

Monday 10/09/2017 - OPENING: 15 minutes A quick game of 20 questions to get things moving. And to continue to work on asking better questions, of course. LESSON - 40 minutes QUIZ: As we begin to dig into globalization, let's start by taking a Global Citizen Quiz....

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CBL: Engage, part 4

Thursday 10/05/2017 - OPENING: 15 minutes Time to practice those empowering Habits of Mind once again. Not all of them, of course, just 1 for today. And the good news is, it's the same as last week. Thinking about your thinking Each table will have  a different...

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CBL: Engage, part 3

Wednesday 10/04/2017 - OPENING: 15 minutes Back by popular demand, that's right folks, it's time for another game of "What's the Big Idea?". Today's game has us reading an article from Seth Godin, specifically, "Fear of Bad Ideas". We'll dig in as a class, and each...

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CBL: Engage, part 2

Tuesday 10/03/2017 - OPENING: 15 minutes It's Tuesday, and that means that our warmup is related to Source Citation. Well, sort of. As I mentioned last week, that topic wasn't quite right, but it was hinting at something important, and I finally figured it out....

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