Weekly Expeditions

9th – Challenge: Daily Lessons

The archive of our lessons can be found here. Particularly helpful if you’ve been off-trail for a bit and need to reacquaint yourself with the rigors, and joys, of a life of adventure.

What does Equity look like?

What does Equity look like? Tuesday  11/14/2017 - OPENING - 15 minutes Since today is the beginning of a new unit, we're going to start with something new. Specifically, we're going to begin with a free-write exercise. Please respond to the following: Think of a time...

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UNSDG Presentations

UNSDG Presentations Monday  11/13/2017 - OPENING - 5 minutes No time to waste today folks. WIth a short day, we need to get right to our presentations. Let's get our UNSDG infographics out and ready to teach, and convince, our classmates. LESSON - 40 minutes UNSDG...

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The UNSDG Challenge

The UNSDG Challenge Wednesday 11/8/2017 - OPENING - 10 minutes We'll begin the day by assigning you and your partner an SDG to focus on, and by reviewing a few additional resources that will help you complete your challenge. For learning about your SDG: Go HERE and...

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Recap and Look Ahead

Recap and Look Ahead Monday 11/6/2017 - OPENING - 10 minutes We'll spend a few minutes discussing last week's challenge completion, as well as lessons learned. LESSON - 35 minutes To get us thinking about the road ahead, we'll work first in pairs, and then as a class,...

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Your World…Mapped

Your World...Mapped Thursday 11/2/2017 - OPENING - 25 minutes We'll begin the day with some reflection activities. I'll pose some questions for you to consider and discuss in small groups, and then you'll have a chance to get up and move around a bit, and place your...

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Mid-Challenge Reflection

Mid-Challenge Reflection Monday 10/30/2017 - OPENING - 25 minutes An important part of any challenge - any learning, really - is reflection. Taking the time to think about what you did, how well it worked, or didn't, and what you might do again, or do differently, in...

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Nano-Challenge: Map Your World

Nano-Challenge: Map Your World Monday 10/23/2017 - OPENING - 10 minutes Our openings are on hold for a bit as we are beginning a 'Flex Week', during which you'll be working on a Nano-Challenge. Before we get to that, though, let's get clear on what this Flex Week...

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