Sad But True – When Reality Interviews Fiction

Tuesday 2/20/18

Today’s Objective(s): SWBAT

  1. Clearly describe the Engage phase of their new Challenge
  2. Develop key guiding questions to lead them through their investigation

Do Now – 5 minutes

  • Notebooks open to page 20-21
  • Pencils on desks
  • Take 30 seconds and read your “Eyes in the Sky” response to your table. Take turns and ensure everyone reads their response

LESSON – 50 minutes

Today begins our unit-ending Challenge. As previously discussed, this challenge is being done in conjunction with your English class’ end of unit (Of Mice and Men) project.

As such, we’ll be introducing the challenge today by reviewing the Engage phase and project flow, and then we’ll dig right into developing Guiding Questions for our investigation.

Your priority today is to make absolutely sure that you clearly understand what’s being asked of you in this challenge. The more specific challenge details will be covered in Mrs. Anderson’s class tomorrow, but today should provide you with a clear sense of the big picture. If you’re confused about that big picture, please stand up for yourself and ask the questions you need answered.

The tentative calendar for this challenge can be found HERE.

Closing – 5 minutes

Talk to your table group and explain what you understand this challenge to be about. Each person should take a turn talking.


No homework tonight. :)

Unit Objectives

  1. Identify the 30 human rights, prioritize among these rights, and articulate why human rights are important to them as individuals
  2. Apply understanding of human rights to new situations
  3. Demonstrate the ability to see the world from another person’s perspective
  4. Synthesize understanding about existing HRs, and about HRs issues in our community to develop new, relevant ideas that connect to our community

This Week’s Agenda


No School


Introduce the new challenge


Jigsaw activity to help connect quotes/textual evidence from the book to specific human rights


Adobe Spark video tutorial

Quote of the Week

“What kinda harm am I doin’ to you? Seems like they ain’t none of them cares how I gotta live. I tell you I ain’t used to livin’ like this. I coulda made somethin’ of myself. Maybe I will yet.”

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