Character Quote Jigsaw

Wednesday 2/21/18

Today’s Objective(s): SWBAT

  1. Connect Characters from Of Mice and men to specific human rights issues based directly on textual evidence
  2. Identify human rights violations experienced by the 5 main characters

Do Now – 0 minutes

  • Notebooks & pencils at the ready
  • Be ready for instructions – we have lots to do and limited time

LESSON – 55 minutes

No time to waste today. As you’ll see if you’re in class, we are separated into 5 groups. Each group represents one of the available characters you have to choose from…

  • George
  • Lennie
  • Candy
  • Crooks
  • Curley’s Wife

Naturally, you’ll start at the table you’re currently sitting at, but you’ll have only 10 mins at each table, and when the buzzer goes off, you’ll move as a group to the next table.

At each table there will be a set of quotes. These quotes were either said by that table’s character or to/about that character. Your job, in your small groups, will be to read each quote, and discuss how that quote connects your character to one of the 30 human rights.

In *most* cases, I think you’ll find that the quotes connect the character to a human right in the sense that the character is being denied that right. But not always.

Here’s the thing…this isn’t easy work. It requires you to talk to your peers, and think critically about the quote. You may not have any idea what the quote even means, let alone how it connects your character to a human right, but that’s where the work comes in. Talk in your groups, offer up ideas and suggestions, give everyone’s ideas a fair consideration, and see what you can come up with.

Here’s the other thing…as usual, there’s no right or wrong here. I know that frustrates many of you, but my hope is that you begin to see it as a gift. And an opportunity. YOU GET TO DECIDE what’s right. And as long as you communicate clearly, and back up your claims with sound reasoning, you’re going to do well.

Ultimately, you’re trying to categorize as many quotes as you can at each table, such that you have them grouped into the human rights they connect your character to. For example, maybe 2 quotes connect to ‘Don’t Discriminate’, and 3 connect to ‘Food and Shelter for all’, and 2 connect to ‘Worker’s Rights’, and so on. You’ll organize the quotes into separate groups in that way.

The Jigsaw
The goal at each table, then, is to complete the ROW of the character whose table you’re at. By complete, I mean that you’ll write the quote (or as much of the quote as you can fit) in the box of the human right it connects to.

You may not get through all the quotes, and that’s fine, but do your best to stay productive and get through as many as you can. The more you get through, the better equipped you’ll be to make a good decision about which character you’re going to use in your podcast.

By the end of the period, you should leave with a completed Jigsaw table and have a much better sense as to how you’ll use textual evidence from the book to connect each of the main characters to specific human rights.



Project Calendar

Of Mice and Men PDF

Character Quotes

Universal Declaration of HR

Closing – 0 minutes

No closing today, we’re going to run out of time.


If you don’t feel like you got through enough of the quotes, you can continue to do this work for homework. The quotes, organized by character, can be found HERE…feel free to work with them and continue to fill in your jigsaw table.

Unit Objectives

  1. Identify the 30 human rights, prioritize among these rights, and articulate why human rights are important to them as individuals
  2. Apply understanding of human rights to new situations
  3. Demonstrate the ability to see the world from another person’s perspective
  4. Synthesize understanding about existing HRs, and about HRs issues in our community to develop new, relevant ideas that connect to our community

This Week’s Agenda


No School


Introduce the new challenge


Jigsaw activity to help connect quotes/textual evidence from the book to specific human rights


Adobe Spark video tutorial

Quote of the Week

“What kinda harm am I doin’ to you? Seems like they ain’t none of them cares how I gotta live. I tell you I ain’t used to livin’ like this. I coulda made somethin’ of myself. Maybe I will yet.”

Curley's Wife


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