Campfire, Lesson 2

Thursday 3/15/18

Today’s Objective(s): SWBAT

  1. Develop a broadened understanding of their partners by reading their profiles
  2. Challenge the single stories their partners have heard about them by sharing their own stories and values

Do Now – 10 minutes

Before we dig into Lesson 2, we’re going to view our partner’s Lesson 1 Class Forum post, and then talk about it as a class.

Some questions to consider…

  1. How do you feel about these things?
  2. Is this a single story about us?
  3. Are there things missing?

So our task, now, is to think about how we want to respond to this post. What do you want to correct? What do you want to add? Let’s fill in their impressions with some additional information so they can have a clearer understanding of ‘people like us’. One of us will post our response to the class forum.

LESSON – 40 minutes

Lesson 2

As we talked about yesterday, the real danger of a single story is that they’re incomplete. And I think we can all agree that so much can be gained by deepening our understanding of other people – especially people we are unfamiliar with. It’s like adding another dimension – think CUBE instead of SQUARE – we can just see so much more clearly.

This is what happens when we go from what we’ve heard about others to actually learning directly from them. THIS is what Campfire is all about.

And it’s specifically what Lesson 2 is going to have us doing. We’ll begin with what didn’t get to yesterday…the Values Activity.

This activity is designed to get us thinking about what’s most important to us, and once we identify it, we’ll use it to tell a story about ourselves. So please take it seriously. You’ll all get a copy of this worksheet that we’ll use to complete this activity, and we’ll discuss the instructions together. You have 10 mins to complete this and zero in on your #1 value.

Now that we’ve identified our top value, it’s time to start thinking about how this value motivates us to achieve things, despite facing certain barriers. We’re going to be telling some relatively brief stories about ourselves based on this idea. We’ll work through the examples in the table below, then I’ll share an example of my own, and then you’ll be creating your own.

Lesson 2 - Values Story

My Example:
Hello, my name is Jeb and I teach at Vista High School. My top value is Learner. I find myself constantly striving to learn new things, but I often find that there is so much information, and so many resources on the internet, that I get overwhelmed and I don’t know how to sift through it all and get down to learning. So, I developed strategies for assessing source credibility, and this helps me focus on just the most valuable information.

Okay, you’ll have 10 minutes to come up with your story, based on your top value. Please turn to page 28 in your notebooks and write the following heading:

My Values Story

Please skip a line and begin writing your story. It’s fine to write several versions, making changes/revisions as you think through it. But please make sure your final draft is written below all of that work, under the sub-heading: FINAL DRAFT.

When you’re done, you’ll be posting these stories to the Group Forum. NOTE: You will be assigned a group number and it’s important that you stick to posting within the group number you’re assigned. You’ll get your group number in class.

After posting your Values Story, please explore your group’s forum for Lesson 2 and if any of our partner class’s students have posted their Values Story, please read it and respond. The foundation of this program is dialogue/conversation, so it’s very important that we are regularly checking the forums and interacting with our Moroccan friends. Not just once, but back and forth, often.

Closing – 5 minutes

We’ll finish by taking turns sharing our Values Stories with our groups, and if we have time, I’ll ask few of you to share with the class.


Any of the above items we don’t finish in class.

Unit Objectives

We’re between units at the moment, and will be until after Spring break. However, that doesn’t mean we have no goals for the next 2 weeks. Our priorities include the following:

  • Debrief our recent project in order to spend some time considering what went well and how we might improve on our work
  • Familiarize ourselves with the Global Nomads Campfire program
  • Gain some background knowledge about our partner classroom’s country/culture
  • Start the Campfire program

This Week’s Agenda


Project debrief/reflection


Begin Lesson 1 in Campfire and watch The Danger of a Single Story


We’ll get set up and logged into GNG Connect and complete Lesson 1


Campfire Lesson 2

Quote of the Week

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

John Muir


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