Review the UDHR and human rights 1 through 5

Tuesday 1/23

Today’s Objective(s): SWBAT

  1. Clearly define human rights
  2. Begin identifying the 30 universal human rights

Do Now – 2 minutes

On a lined piece of paper, please write the definition for human rights that you see on the front board. Be sure to write it exactly as you see it.

Human Rights:

“Every person is entitled to certain rights—simply by the fact that they are a human being. They are “rights” because they are things you are allowed to be, to do or to have. These rights are there for your protection against people who might want to harm or hurt you. They are also there to help us get along with each other and live in peace.” (Youth For Human Rights)

LESSON – 40 minutes

Introducing Human Rights 1 through 5

Today we’re working with human rights 1-5. I’ll be reading the full text of each right from the UDHR, and then we’ll watch a short video for each to help us make sense of the human right in question. Start off by writing HUMAN RIGHTS in big lettering across your paper, and write numbers 1 through 5 below it, leaving a couple of blank lines for each.

After each short video, you should write down the human right it shows on your notes, next to the correct number.

Closing – 3 minutes

Without looking at your notes from today, tell your partners the definition of human rights. Take turns so everyone gets a chance to recite the definition.


Ping me the complete definition of human rights as we discussed it class today. This must be done AFTER school has ended, but before 10pm.

Unit Objectives

  1. Identify the 30 HRs and articulate why human rights are important to them as individuals
  2. Order and explain the historical evolution of HRs using primary sources
  3. Identify historical and/or modern day examples of HRs violations
  4. Synthesize understanding about existing HRs, and about HRs issues in our community to develop new, relevant ideas that connect to our community

This Week’s Agenda


Reading/annotating a text, and answering comprehension questions.


We’ll be reviewing the 1st 5 human rights and engaging in a problem solving activity.


Human rights 6-11 will be the focus, along with a mock trial.


We’ll finish the week on human rights 12-18, and then consider a scenario to offer some advice about.

Quote of the Week

“Surrounding yourself with people in a hurry to get where you’re going is a great way to get there.”

Seth Godin


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