Your World…Mapped

Thursday 11/2/2017 – OPENING – 25 minutes

We’ll begin the day with some reflection activities. I’ll pose some questions for you to consider and discuss in small groups, and then you’ll have a chance to get up and move around a bit, and place your answer to these questions using post-it-notes.

The questions we’ll be considering…

  • What is something you feel you did well during this challenge?
  • Which part of the process did you enjoy the most?
  • What do you wish had been explained more clearly?
  • Tell me something you learned about yourself as a learner.

LESSON – 25 minutes

Small Group Presentations

After we finish up our reflections, we’ll have the chance to present our final maps. We’ll do this in our table groups, so that each person will present, but only to 2 or 3 other people.

Each presentation will be timed (2 minutes) – so that all groups are moving through the presentations in a coordinated way. After each presentation, I’ll give you additional time to complete the Listening Log (more on that below), and then I’ll ask someone from one or two groups to share some of their findings.

Presentations should include the following:

  • Clearly communicate the most important spaces in your world.
  • Explain what you drew to represent those spaces, and why.
  • If you created an actual map with these spaces on it, explain how they fit together and where they connect.

All group members present. Even if you didn’t finish your Challenge, you will present what you have…and if you have nothing, you better think quickly.

When you are in the Audience:

  • Pay close attention to the presenter and while he or she is talking, your job is simply to listen.
  • When they finish, you’ll complete the Listening Log for that presenter.
  • You may be asked to share something you learned from the presenter, so please be ready to do so.



You just finished your first Challenge. Enjoy your weekend!

Quote of the Week

“Everyone who is doing important work is working on something that might not work.” Seth Godin

This Week’s Agenda

Reflection – a non-circular restorative circle

Review the week ahead, and expectations around the completed challenge

  • Answer GQs 18-22
  • Develop and answer 3-5 GQs of your own
  • Revise your rough maps
  • Assemble and present your ‘Map Your World’ map

Working on your nano-challenge. Focus items for today…

  • GQs 18-22
  • 3-5 GQs of your own
  • Begin rough map refinement

Working on your nano-challenge. Focus items…

  • Continue refinement of rough maps
  • Assemble final map

Presenting your completed MYW map to your peers.


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