Monday 9/25/2017 – OPENING: 20 minutes

Today we’ll get warmed up with a game of 20 Questions. Since it’s our first time, I’ll play the role of the ‘Answerer’, but in future games, you all will fill this role.


  • The Answerer thinks up something, and says, “I’m thinking of a/an <<animal, ice cream flavor, food, movie, book, famous person, meme, etc>>
  • Class takes turns asking Yes or No questions (everyone gets a chance to ask – so may be more than 20 questions unless it’s guessed early) to narrow in on what it is.
  • The point of the questions is to get to a point where you can ‘guess with certainty’, based on the answers the class has gotten up to that point. If we get through all questioners, we must make a guess.
  • In order to guess early (before all people get a chance to ask), there must be some consensus from all questioners. To get this, 1 person raises his/her hand and, when chosen, says ‘I have a guess’. He/She presents it to the class and gets a show of hands in support. Majority vote means they get to offer the guess.
  • An incorrect guess ends the game, and the Answerer is the winner.
  • Any guess blurted out, without consensus, ends the game and the Answerer is the winner.
  • If the questioners win, the lead learner (Jeb) decides the one person who asked the best (most thoughtful, relevant, creative, useful) question, and that person is “THE” winner.
  • Winners get a prize – either candy, or some privilege.

LESSON – 20 minutes

Today we’re going to introduce Unit 2 – The Natural World.


The goals here are as follows:

  • Practice developing good questions.
  • Practice listening, and building on the work of others.
  • Opportunities to work together.

Quote of the Week

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

John Muir


Jeb is here to help...


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