The UNSDG Challenge

Wednesday 11/8/2017 – OPENING – 10 minutes

We’ll begin the day by assigning you and your partner an SDG to focus on, and by reviewing a few additional resources that will help you complete your challenge.

For learning about your SDG:

  • Go HERE and click on your SDG.
  • On that page, you will see an overview of the goal, lots of information, facts and figures, and a link to the “Why It Matters” PDF.
  • All of that can/should be used to answer these GQs. The PDF for sure has everything you need to meet the minimum requirements.


a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. Below are some examples (click to enlarge), but there are plenty more examples available if you do a Google search of ‘Infographics’.

Additional Resources:

None of these are required, but all of them have really valuable information for those of you who are looking to extend your learning, and your infographic.

LESSON – 50 minutes

Work time. Connect with your partner, create a plan, and get to work.


No specific homework, HOWEVER….this is an important nano-challenge, one that will not only give you a good foundational understanding of the UNSDGs, but one that will give you a chance to show yourself that you can successfully complete a challenge. If your class time is not as productive as you need it to be, you’ll definitely want to work on this at home.

Quote of the Week

“I love not man the less, but Nature more.” Lord Byron

This Week’s Agenda


We’ll do a quick review of the Place Matters challenge that finished up last week.

Review the week ahead, and engage in a quick learning activity around identifying the local, national and global problems we all face.


Review the Student Challenge Planner.

We will clearly explain the week-long nano challenge and begin working to complete this challenge together.

Identify and access the additional resources we’ll need to complete our challenge.



Working on your nano-challenge with your partner. Focus items…

  • Answer questions 9-13
  • Draft your infographic



Working on your nano-challenge with your partner. Focus items…

  • Complete your infographic.
  • Pay close attention to producing High Quality Work

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