Quick check-in.

And a review of the week so far…

  1. We generated lots of ideas in response to 3 prompts about Powerful Learning Communities – How they look, how members act, and what members believe.
  2. We began crafting Mission Statements – brief, clear statements of purpose – for The Mountain House (we’ll be coming back to these next week.
  3. And today, we’re building on both of these activities to create the Mountain House Logo.


Obviously, all of the work we’ve done to this point is building toward the creation of a Powerful Learning Community here in the Mountain House. That’s our goal, and though it’ll take time to realize, having a clear picture of what we’re aiming for is important.

So the next step in creating that picture is to develop a Logo for the Mountain House. Before we begin that work, let’s watch 2 short videos to get an idea what a Logo even is.

Your Job Today

Now that you’re all design experts, your job is to design our logo. The logo for The Mountain House. This is independent work in the sense that you EACH have to create one, but you are welcome to talk and share ideas and ask questions and give feedback to each other. After all, that’s what members of a powerful learning community do, right?

And just to give you something to think about as you do this, below is a word cloud that includes all the text from the ideas you all generated in response to those 3 questions on Tuesday, AND the mission statements you created yesterday. It shows the most frequently used words in big text, and the less frequent words in smaller text. I think it’s really interesting to see the ideas that are emerging here in terms of how we’re beginning to see our community…THE MOUNTAIN HOUSE!!!

Wordcloud about our Mountain House community

“Most people, upon reaching the top, look down and enjoy the view.
The smart money is on looking up and finding new mountains to climb.”