Review, & Country Profiles

Monday 10/16/2017 – OPENING: 10 minutes

Today’s warm up is going to be, at best, a closing activity. With a short day and a strange week ahead, there are a couple things I need to be sure to cover, so today’s 20 Questions will either happen at the end (if we have time), or not at all. We’ll see. Thanks for understanding. :)

LESSON – 45 minutes

Review work from last week.

The Global Family and the Continent Comparison worksheets – just to make sure we’ve all got the information we need.

Country Profiles

Since we have a very strange week with lots of unusual things pulling us away from our typical class time, we are going to complete some independent work. Specifically, we’ll be assigned a country of the world and we’ll have to complete a country profile sheet on that country.

There are some specific requirements that we’ll review as a class, and then you’ll have Tues and Thurs to complete your work.


You don’t have specific homework, however, you are required to complete your country profile this week, so feel free to work on it outside of school if you’re moved to do so.

Quote of the Week

“There’s no real substitute for caring enough to do the work. Shortcuts are rarely that…they might get you somewhere in the short-run, but they almost always delay your growth in the ways that matter.”

This Week’s Agenda

20 Questions

Review last week’s work

Get to the Source

Country Profiles



PSAT – You’ll be taking this with your Period 2 class
Dickerson: Per 2 will be taking the PSAT in room D19

HOM Reflection

Country Profiles (continued)


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