Review, and Explore Equity

Monday  11/27/2017 – OPENING – 15 minutes

It seems like so long since we saw each other…I’ve missed you dearly. Let’s spend some time getting reacquainted, shall we?

LESSON – 30 minutes

We’ll spend today working together on a See, Think, Wonder activity. The idea is to get us thinking critically, and in an unbiased way, about some images that will be projected up front. The process is pretty simple…

  1. Look at the image for 1 full minute, and simply observe. Look at shapes, colors, signs, the position of people, objects, etc. Take in as much detail as you can.
  2. What do you see? What details stand out? Be as specific and as thorough as possible. Try not to judge, or guess at what’s happening, simply describe what you see.
    • We’ll discuss this as a class, though you should feel free to write this down in your notes as well.
  3. What do you think is going on? What makes you say that?
    • Whatever you think is fine, but be prepared to describe the evidence you’re using to come to that conclusion.
  4. What does this make you wonder? What broader question does this image raise for you?
    • Think about what you might need to understand in order to explain what’s really going on in this picture.


Now that we’ve had a chance to do this See, Think Wonder activity as a class, you’ll get to do it on your own for homework tonight. Please go to Basecamp and find the Message Board item titled “HOMEWORK 11/27/17 – See, Think, Wonder…”, and follow the instructions.

This HW is to be done after school today – no credit will be given for work that is done after 10pm. This is not busy work, it’s purposeful, spaced-out practice to give you the opportunity to revisit important material for a few minutes. Doing it at the last minute negates much of the benefit.

Short Term Goals

In every unit, we focus on certain short term goals. Some are goals related to content, others relate to skills, but the idea is that throughout the unit, we have opportunities to practice and improve on them.

  1. Students will distinguish between equity and equality.
  2. Students will identify different types of equity (social, political, economic, education).
  3. Students will demonstrate understanding of empathy.
  4. Students will understand the importance of storytelling.
  5. Students will develop competencies in the Investigate phase of CBL.

Quote of the Week

“I don’t know that I have ever found any satisfactory answers of my own. But every time I ask it, the question is refined. That is the best of what the old heads meant when they spoke of being “politically conscious”—as much a series of actions as a state of being, a constant questioning, questioning as ritual, questioning as exploration rather than the search for certainty.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates

This Week’s Agenda


Reconnection discussion.

See, Think, Wonder activity.


Written Reflection

GQ work


Written Reflection

Adobe Spark activity.


Review GQs and brainstorm GRs and GAs

Adobe Spark activity, continued.

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