Nano-Challenge: Map Your World

Monday 10/23/2017 – OPENING – 10 minutes

Our openings are on hold for a bit as we are beginning a ‘Flex Week’, during which you’ll be working on a Nano-Challenge. Before we get to that, though, let’s get clear on what this Flex Week means.

For the classes you have in The Mountain House (Dickerson, Anderson, Ryska, Bottom and Harris-hirschorn), you will be given freedom to work where you want, with whomever you want. Naturally, there are some requirements…

  • You must check in with the teacher you would normally be with during the 1st 10 minutes of the period. If you don’t, you’ll be marked absent.
  • You will have specific assignments from each teacher, and you’ll be responsible to complete that work on the schedule they/we provide. Som work will be do daily, other work will span a few days. It’s up to you to manage that properly.
  • If you choose to work outside at the tables provided, you must do so in a way that does not disrupt other classes.
  • If you prove unable to handle the freedom and flexibility of this Flex Week, you’ll be invited to work in a classroom instead.

LESSON – 35 minutes

Introduce the Challenge

As we’ve discussed, the Challenge Based Learning framework is made up of 3 distinct phases, and when we use the full CBLF to engage in learning, it’s a big endeavor.

We’re not quite ready for that. That’s why we’re starting with a Nano-Challenge. In the nano-challenge, I’ll be providing the Big Idea, the Essential Question and the Challenge itself. Your primary job will be to work through the Investigate phase.

Even then, though, I’ve created the bulk of the Guiding Questions, as well as the Resources and Activities that will lead you down the path of learning. You’ll have a requirement to create 3 to 5 GQs of your own, as well as the GRs and GAs that go along with them. And naturally, you’ll have to answer all of the GQs.

The solution to your challenge will get us into the Act phase of CBL, but we’re going to stop with simply turning it in, rather that work to identify and present to an authentic audience.

Again, we’re starting slow.

Student Project Plan

I’ve developed a Student Project Plan to help you stay organized through the Challenge. We’ll go over the details of the challenge by reviewing this document.

NOTE: Please don’t make a copy of the above document and work on it that way. You’ve all been distributed your own copy through the Google Drive. Please use that document.


You don’t have specific homework, however, this nano-challenge is a pretty big deal as it is your first real chance to engage in the Challenge Based Learning framework. If your flexible work week doesn’t prove as productive as you’d hope, I strongly recommend you consider doing some work at home.

Quote of the Week

“Most people, upon reaching the top, look down and enjoy the view. The smart money is on looking up and finding new mountains to climb.”

This Week’s Agenda


Intro Flex week.

Intro Nano-Challenge



Working on your nano-challenge (flex week).



Working on your nano-challenge (flex week).



Working on your nano-challenge (flex week).


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