Nano-Challenge and Guiding Questions

Wednesday 10/25/2017 – OPENING – 10

I just need to clarify a few things about the Guiding Questions. Please read the below VERY CAREFULLY. If you don’t follow these instructions, success on this nano-challenge will be ever-more difficult.

The Guiding Questions document is in your shared folder (Dickerson Per # – Last name, First name), and it must be completed.
  • Questions 2-17 are due on Thursday of this week.
  • Questions 18-22 are due next Tuesday.
  • In other words, nothing is due on Wednesday.
  • HOWEVER, if you don’t continue to work through the questions, you will not finish this by Thursday.

For questions 2 thru 9…

  • There are links provided to resources I want you to read.
  • Your answers to these questions MUST show evidence that you read and understood those resources.
  • You must put your answers IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Cutting and pasting information from the resources is not allowed. Any of your answers that are cut and pasted in will be considered not-completed.

For questions 10-22…

  • Your job is to consider the many resources you read through in questions 2-9, and brainstorm answers to these questions (10-22) based on what you now know.
  • For questions 11 and 12 specifically…
    • In addition to brainstorming, you will be creating a Bubble Diagram and a Rough Map for the final “MAP YOUR WORLD” challenge.
    • These are DELIVERABLES that you will create, and they are due this Thursday, 10/26.
    • You will learn about what a bubble diagram and a rough map are by reading the 2nd resource for question 9 (How would I make a map?)
    • Think of these as ROUGH DRAFTS for your ‘Map your World’ challenge. The bubble diagram is a very general draft diagram for what your final map will include. And the rough map is a more detailed draft of the final map.

Your final Map (Map your World) is due next week…
…and it should NOT TO BE ANYTHING LIKE THE ‘MAP YOUR DAY’ assignment you did Tuesday. The ‘Map your Day’ assignment was just to get you warmed up.

The FINAL MAP needs to be significant, and it should reflect your learning from the week (all those resources I provided you, as well as all the brainstorming and activities you did).


Totally up to you. But that’s the work. YOU have to decide what makes up your world. Where do you spend your time? What kinds of experiences do you engage in? With whom? Maybe you lock yourself in your room all day every day…fine. Where do you go in your imagination? Maybe your lose yourself in books. Fantastic…your map needs to communicate THAT.

As always, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. But if you don’t jump in and roll up your sleeves and DO SOME WORK, put in some real effort, you’re not pushing yourself, and so you’re not learning.

And that, my friends, would be a total waste. Don’t do that.

As always, I’ll be available all day to help. But don’t expect me to just hand things to you. By all means, come to me…seek out the help you need, absolutely…it’s why I’m here. But come ready to work.


LESSON – 45 minutes (and beyond)

Continue your Flex-Week work…

You know the rules. Let’s do great work today.

Student Project Plan

Just a reminder that the Student Project Plan is intended to guide you through this challenge. You’ve all been distributed your own copy through the Google Drive, and that’s the document you should work from.


You don’t have specific homework, however, this nano-challenge is a pretty big deal as it is your first real chance to engage in the Challenge Based Learning framework. If your flexible work week doesn’t prove as productive as you’d hope, I strongly recommend you consider doing some work at home.

Quote of the Week

“Most people, upon reaching the top, look down and enjoy the view. The smart money is on looking up and finding new mountains to climb.”

This Week’s Agenda

Intro Flex week.

Intro Nano-Challenge


Working on your nano-challenge (flex week).


Working on your nano-challenge (flex week).


Working on your nano-challenge (flex week).


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