Welcome back. Please take out your Mountain House logo drafts from last week, as well as a blank, white (no lines) piece of paper.

We’ll briefly discuss the week ahead as a class.


We have a short period today, but some important work to do, so please don’t waste any time getting to it.

We’ll start by sharing our work with a partner, and getting just a little bit of feedback on it. Then we will start fresh on a new, blank, white piece of paper and work to create the best logo we can. I will help direct this sharing/feedback so we move through it quickly.

Additional Criteria:

A logo is typically something that fits within a circle or square, so the final logo that we all vote on as representing our community will need to do so as well. So, don’t try to fill up an entire piece of paper with one big image. Rather, consider drawing a circle or square on your paper and designing within that.

NOTE: While it’s normal to fall in love with the things we create, truly great work is the result of a willingness to take input from others and make changes. At least in the early stages. You may have a logo draft that you really love right in front of you, but I challenge you to let it go temporarily and start again with a fresh eye, and a better sense of what the goal is. You might just create something better. :)

Questions to Consider:

  • What does the Mountain House Community stand for?
  • What does learning – real learning, the kind you actually want to do – look like?
  • How does being a capable learner feel?

Remember, while interacting with and getting feedback from others is great, this is not a group project. Each learner must complete their own.


Lastly, the wordcloud we created from the work we did last week is below in case it’s helpful as a source of inspiration for thinking about our purpose. A logo, after all, is simply a symbol that conveys a message. It’s up to you to think about what that message is, but it should be based on who we are becoming as a community.

Wordcloud about our Mountain House community

“Relentless generosity brings us closer together.”

Seth Godin