Monday 10/09/2017 – OPENING: 15 minutes

A quick game of 20 questions to get things moving. And to continue to work on asking better questions, of course.

LESSON – 40 minutes


As we begin to dig into globalization, let’s start by taking a Global Citizen Quiz. Don’t worry, it’s not a normal quiz, it’s just a quick way to get us thinking about the world we’re all living in.

What is Globalization?

After a brief discussion as a class to get ideas about what globalization is, we’ll dig into the following definition…

Globalization is the increased movement of people, knowledge, ideas, goods and money across national borders that has led to increased interconnectedness among the world’s populations, economically, politically, socially and culturally. (Social Science Research Council)

[Interconnectedness = Connection between and integration of.]
[Integration = combining separate things to become a whole.]

We’ll hold a class discussion about this definition, and about the following questions…

  • When did globalization start?
  • Is globalization increasing or decreasing?
  • Is globalization a good thing or a bad thing?
  • Why should we care about globalization?
Globalization Journal

Starting tomorrow, and for two full days (Tue and Wed) you are to keep track of the following 4 things…

  • The clothes you wear
    • List each item, and identify where they were made
  • The food you eat
    • List each item, and figure out where that kind of food originated
    • EX: Pizza – originated in Italy
  • Any cars you travel in
    • List the make, and identify where that company is headquartered
  • Any news you listen to or watch
    • List news stories and identify any global connections
    • EX: Nuclear deal with Iran, connected to Iran, but also many other countries in the Middle East, as well as Russia
    • Anything else you experience over the 2 days that you’d like to list and find a global connection to



  • Please read through today’s post, and reflect on the discussions we had.
  • Come to class with 3 things that stood out the most to you from this information.
  • So, you should have a piece of paper with HOMEWORK 10/9/17 along the top, and the three things that stood out written and explained below. This should be on your desk at the start of class tomorrow.

Quote of the Week

“Change is a word for a journey with stress. You get the journey and you get the stress. At the end, you’re a different person. But both elements are part of the deal.” Seth Godin

This Week’s Agenda

20 Questions

Global Citizen Quiz
Intro to Globalization

Get to the Source

100 People Video/Info Sheet
Globalization Journal

What’s the Big Idea?

Global Family Investigation

HOM Reflection

Travels of a T-Shirt


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