Monday 9/18/2017 – OPENING:

What better way to start the day than to reflect on process? Let’s do this.


As we’ve done a few times already this year, we’ve collected the work that all 4 of our classes did on our collective Class Contract. The idea generation phase is over, as is the organization of those ideas.

And now what’s left is idea prioritization. As you’ll notice on the voting form, we now have 12 options under each of the 3 sections…

  1. Individual Behavior
  2. Collaborative Behavior
  3. Group Roles

Our work today requires that we chose 6 of each. In other words, we’ve got to ditch half of our ideas. And the remaining 6 in each section will become our learning community’s class contract. It will dictate how we behave and how we work and how we strive for excellence.

So take it seriously. Think before you vote. You can vote for 6 in each section, no more, no less. The six that get the most votes win. Simple stuff. Thanks for doing your civic duty and contributing positively to our community…to the Mountain House.

“The most important thing you’ll learn in 13 years of school has nothing to do with content. It’s about establishing good habits, developing a strong work ethic, and nurturing curiosity.”