Equity: The final week…

Week of 12/11/2017

OPENING – 30 minutes

Today I’ll be pointing you to the resources you’re going to need to complete your challenge, which includes 2 new resources that we need to discuss as a group.

Document 1: Introduction, Criteria and Example

  • This is the document we discussed in depth on Thursday of last week. Please feel free to review it if you have questions.
  • You CAN make a copy, but you don’t have to because this is not something you need to turn in.
  • You can always return here to review it.

Document 2: Equity Challenge Organizer

  • This is a new document that has a Calendar to help you stay on track, a “Family and Country Profile” to help you organize your learning, and a Story Map to help you brainstorm your story ideas.
  • You MUST make a copy because you’ll use it to stay on track and ensure you get everything done…AND I will be checking for completion of this document

Document 3: Equity Challenge Rubric (shows exactly how you’ll be graded)

  • This rubric gives you a clear understanding of the 4 key things I’ll be assessing you for on your story.
  • You CAN make a copy, but you don’t have to because this is not something you need to turn in.
  • You can always return here to review it.


Dollar Street

  • This is the resource you’ll use to identify whose story of equity you’re going to tell.
  • As we discussed last week, this site has information in the form of text and, primarily, pictures about over 200 families in 50 countries.
  • You’ll pick 1 of these families to explore and research, and to tell your story about.

CIA World Factbook

  • Once you’ve chosen your family, as part of your exploration, you’ll do some additional research about the country your family lives in. The “Profile” on document 1 above has a number of questions you’ll want to answer about your family’s country, but you’re free to explore any other information you’d like as well. The idea is that you become familiar with the country, culture and customs of the family you are telling a story about.
  • The CIA World Factbook is one source you can use for this research, though you are welcome to use other sources as well.

LESSON – 15-60 minutes

The remainder of this week will be devoted to work time to complete your challenge. You should stay focused on the calendar provided, being sure to stay on track so you don’t fall behind. I’ll be moving around the classroom checking in with groups to ensure they are doing what needs to be done to successfully complete the challenge. Naturally, I’m available for any questions you may have.


As you know, we don’t have much homework in this class. However, for this final week, and this final challenge, I believe it’s very unlikely you’ll successfully complete your challenge if you don’t devote 15-30 mins every single night to working on your story. And that includes over the weekend. When you leave on Thursday, if you don’t refine your story, I just don’t think you’ll have a final product that is a true final draft quality ready for the day of the final.

Please, devote the time you need to finish this semester strong.

Short Term Goals

In every unit, we focus on certain short term goals. Some are goals related to content, others relate to skills, but the idea is that throughout the unit, we have opportunities to practice and improve on them.

  1. Students will distinguish between equity and equality.
  2. Students will identify different types of equity (social, political, economic, education).
  3. Students will demonstrate understanding of empathy.
  4. Students will understand the importance of storytelling.
  5. Students will develop competencies in the Investigate phase of CBL.

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This Week’s Agenda


Introduce some key resources you’ll need for your challenge.

Work time.





Work time.





Work time.





Work time.


Quote of the Week

“ A point of view is the difference between a job and a career.
It’s the difference between being a cog and making an impact.”

Seth Godin