Comparing Continents

Thursday 10/12/2017 – OPENING: 10 minutes

Today’s installment of ‘Thinking about our thinking’ (our Habits of Mind reflection) is going to be in the form of a written reflection. We’ll be responding to the prompt found HERE after we discuss the day’s work.

LESSON – 45 minutes

Continent Comparison Chart

As we work to develop an identity as Global Citizens, we need to continue to develop our understanding and awareness of the world around us. As such, today we’re going to be working to complete the Continent Comparison Chart and Geographic Questionnaire.

You can use the same links/resources as yesterday, or find new ones…up to you.

Global Family Worksheet

If you didn’t finish your Global Family worksheet yesterday, you should also work on that.


Your homework today is simply to finish the 2 worksheets we’ve been working on over the last 2 days. If you’re already done, great work, put them in the ‘Turn In Tray’ next to Katahdin. If not, they are due in that same tray tomorrow morning before period 1.
THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE. Regardless of what period you have me, if you’d like credit for this work, drop them to the turn in tray before your period 1 tomorrow. No late work will be accepted.

Quote of the Week

“Change is a word for a journey with stress. You get the journey and you get the stress. At the end, you’re a different person. But both elements are part of the deal.”

Seth Godin

This Week’s Agenda

20 Questions

Global Citizen Quiz
Intro to Globalization

Get to the Source

100 People Video/Info Sheet
Globalization Journal

What’s the Big Idea?

Global Family Investigation

HOM Reflection

Travels of a T-Shirt


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