Thursday 10/05/2017 – OPENING: 15 minutes

Time to practice those empowering Habits of Mind once again. Not all of them, of course, just 1 for today. And the good news is, it’s the same as last week.

Thinking about your thinking

Each table will have  a different problem to solve. Nothing big, just a quick exercise to give us an opportunity to work together and think about our thinking.


LESSON – 40 minutes

Image of the Challenge Based Learning framework.

CBL Framework, From Digital Promise


We’ll be finishing up our initial exploration of the Engage phase of Challenge Based Learning. A bit of work on EQs, and then finishing up with the Challenge.


  1. Big Idea
  2. Essential Question
  3. Challenge



Essential Question

So you know by now that an Essential Question is an open-ended question – one that has lots of correct answers, one that provokes deep thought, one that is relevant and meaningful to you, one that we see in other circumstances, and one that generates new questions.

Let’s take a moment to practice creating a few EQs. Individually first, see if you can come up with an open-ended question related to one of the below big ideas. I’ll give you a few minutes to do this, then you’ll share it with a peer, and then we’ll discuss some of your ideas as a class.

Big Ideas:

  1. School is irrelevant.
  2. Despite my 500 IG followers, REAL connection is difficult to find.
  3. You only live once.

We’ll do more work on these as we go, but now we need to dig into…

The Challenge

Have you ever played truth or dare? Well, the Challenge is like a dare.

“I dare you to ding dong ditch your next door neighbor!”

Except, it’s not random, it comes directly from the Big Idea and the Essential Question. We have to take our EQ and turn it into a statement that calls us to action.

So, if our Big Idea is “Global sea levels are rising”, and our EQ is “How would a 10 foot rise in sea level impact my life?”, our Challenge might be something like…

“Create an emergency evacuation plan for the city of Vista”, or
“Develop a proposal for the top 5 residential building sites to accommodate 10,000 new residents.”, or
“Host an art exhibit that represents 10 different visions of the impact of sea level rise”

Your turn. Based on the EQs we came up with today, we’ll practice turning them into Challenges together.


  • A Challenge is like a dare, only it calls you to act on something important.
  • Like the EQ, the Challenge MUST connect the Big Idea to something you care about.
  • CBL is an open door…walk through it with me and a new world of learning is possible.

Quote of the Week

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”


This Week’s Agenda

20 Questions

CBL: Engage Phase, part 1

Get to the Source

CBL: Engage Phase, part 2

What’s the Big Idea?

CBL: Engage Phase, part 3

HOM Reflection

CBL: Engage Phase, part 4


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