Tuesday 10/10/2017 – OPENING: 15 minutes

Today’s warmup has us looking at source credibility. I’ll be dishing out a link via Basecamp and you’ll work in your table groups to figure out whether the source is credible (believable) and, most importantly, WHY you think what you think.

LESSON – 40 minutes

If the World Were 100 People:

We’ll start things off today by working together to complete the ‘If the World Were 100 People’ worksheet. A lof of this information isn’t something you’re likely to know exactly, so your job is to simply consider it thoughtfully and make an educated guess.

After some time with that, we’ll watch a short video that helps us get a bit clearer about these statistics, as well as builds some understanding and compassion around our roles and responsibilities as global citizens.

We’ll finish up by reviewing the statistics and making sure everyone has the accurate figures filled out.


  • Over the next two days (today and Wednesday), you’re to keep a ‘Globalization Journal’.
  • As discussed in class, your job is to keep track of the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the cars you drive in and the news you watch, all in order to begin to see a bit more clearly the global interconnectedness we all experience on a daily basis.
  • Organize this information any way you like, in whatever form you like, but I’m going to need to see your completed work on Thursday. I won’t be accepting late work.
  • The below information must be included on your journal…

List each item, and identify where they were made.

List each item, and figure out where that kind of food originated.
EXAMPLE: Pizza – originated in Italy.

List the make, and identify where that company is headquartered.

List news stories and identify any global connections.
EX: Nuclear deal with Iran, connected to Iran, but also many other countries in the Middle East, as well as Russia.

Quote of the Week

“Change is a word for a journey with stress. You get the journey and you get the stress. At the end, you’re a different person. But both elements are part of the deal.” Seth Godin

This Week’s Agenda

20 Questions

Global Citizen Quiz
Intro to Globalization

Get to the Source

100 People Video/Info Sheet
Globalization Journal

What’s the Big Idea?

Global Family Investigation

HOM Reflection

Travels of a T-Shirt


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