OPENING – 10 minutes

Before we dig in this afternoon, let’s talk a bit about how yesterday went. I know I put a lot on you, leaving you alone (together, but alone) to figure some stuff out on your own. I hope you had a lot of questions…they’re almost always the foundation of great learning.

So let’s just take a few minutes to debrief. What was that process like? What did you do first? Then what? How did you work past initial challenges? What seemed to work to get you moving forward? We’ll give just a short treatment to these and other questions…but it’s critical that you all recognize how important reflecting on our process is so that we can figure out what works, and what doesn’t, and improve our ability to direct our own learning.

LESSON – 50 minutes

Based on what I saw yesterday toward the end of the period, nobody is ready to present. So you’re going to get between 15  and 20 minutes to put together the best presentation you can to answer the question, “What is Challenge Based Learning?”. This was your challenge from yesterday, and it remains today.

I’ll set a timer and you’ll have precisely that much time to work with your group to develop your presentation. When the bell goes off, we’ll begin. Enjoy.

ps…the grading period ends tomorrow, and yes, this will be in it. While I’m not a big fan of grades, I understand they’re necessary. I hope YOU understand that I don’t give them out freely. As I’ve said many times, I care about process more than anything. Producing a great product is nice, but the real learning comes from the process. So dig in and actually engage in the process of learning.

“There are other worlds than these.”

Jake. The Gunslinger (by Stephen King)