OPENING – 5 minutes

Just a quick heads up about the plan for today…

  • We’re going to start with the final presentation from Alondra’s group since we didn’t get to that yesterday.
  • Soon as we’re done with that, I’m going to be working with students on the independent track for a bit. While I do that, please follow the instructions below.
  • When I’m done, we’ll come back together to have a group discussion.
  • And we’ll finish the day with a written response.

LESSON – 50 minutes

Working on your own…25 mins

Please start by getting a computer, getting logged in and getting to a Google search screen. Please note…your work right now is to be independent, and you’re going to need paper and a pen to take notes (yes, I want hand-written notes please). Please get those materials out and ready.

And also note…The below work is to be turned in today. If you don’t make good use of your time, it’s unlikely you’ll finish. And this will be the last item in the grade book for this grading period, along with your weekly work habits grade.


In your browser address bar, please type in the following URL…

Please read the text on this page and take organized notes. How you organize them is up to you, but SOME KIND of organization is necessary. I don’t want just a dense page of text notes. You can use an outline form, Cornell Notes, or something else. But at the very least, I want to see the main section headers and bullet points broken up by paragraph.

You don’t have to watch the video.


Next, hover your mouse over the ABOUT menu, and click on KEY IDEAS.

Please read and take notes on this page as well. No need to watch the video.


Click on FRAMEWORK in the menu bar. Please read and take notes on that page. Videos can be ignored.


Hover your mouse over the FRAMEWORK menu, and click on each of the sub-menus in order (ENGAGE, then INVESTIGATE, then ACT). Read each page and take appropriate notes.Videos can be ignored.

Please be sure in your notes that you sketch out a graphic representation of the CBL framework. Color isn’t necessary, but I’d like to see a graphic that includes all the key phases and the steps in each.

Working as a class…

When I’m done with the other group, we’re going to talk as a class about some of the things you’ve learned. You’ll turn in your notes at this point.

Finally, you’ll finish class today by writing a written response to the following:

Explain what Challenge Based Learning is, making sure to include all the key phases and explain the main steps in each.

“If you don’t care, I don’t care.”