OPENING – 10 minutes

Let’s start today with a discussion about the work we did on Friday. As you may recall, we had 6 web pages to read and take notes on. Not too much to ask, especially when you consider we don’t have a text-book.

So let’s review by talking about what we learned.

LESSON – 35 minutes

The remainder of the period will be spent on individual written reflections. If we’re going to develop responsibility for our own learning (rather than just come to class and wait for instructions from the teacher), we MUST regularly reflect on the work we’re doing. Not just the what, but the how, and the why.

With that in mind, please respond to the prompts on this reflection form.

NOTE: Written reflections are to be done independently, and quietly.

“The most important thing you’ll learn in 13 years of school has nothing to do with content. It’s about establishing good habits, developing a strong work ethic, and nurturing curiosity.”