W6: BHP Unit 2, Lesson 2.2


Please remember to watch the “Introducing Unit 2: The Big Bang” video if you haven’t already done so. It provides some important information that will help you throughout the unit.

This Week’s Plan

The priorities for the week are explained below. Please remember that watching the videos BEFORE jumping in is critical, please do so in order to get clear about what is expected.

Complete Lesson 2.2 – What are Disciplines?

Specific Instructions:
All activities, videos and articles are REQUIRED, except the ‘Vocabulary: Part 2‘ and the ‘Analyzing Investigation Writing‘.

Video Links:

There are 2 Links for this lesson, please click on and watch both.  Videos provide clear instructions for the things you’re required to complete this week. Please remember that you can change the speed of these videos if you’d like to go faster/slower. You can also re-watch videos as many times as necessary.

Instructions: BH Lesson 2.2 – What are disciplines?, part 1

Instructions: BH Lesson 2.2 – What are disciplines?, part 2


If you have questions at any time, please start with re-watching the instructions video(s), linked to above, or reviewing other videos in the Big History Playlist. Instructions and tutorials are added regularly. If that isn’t enough, ask your peers – they’re incredibly capable young men and women and they likely have the answers you need.

If you still hit a dead end, please email me, or come see me. Aside from class time, I’m always happy to meet with you before or after school, or during lunch (you may need to make an appointment to ensure I’m available).

Quote of the Week

“Everyone who is doing important work is working on something that might not work.” Seth Godin

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