If you’re keeping pace with the weekly agendas, this week will have you finishing Unit 1. That’s pretty exciting…especially since it means that you have your first assessment. Yay you.

This Week’s Plan

The priorities for the week are explained below. Please remember that watching the videos BEFORE jumping in is critical, please do so in order to get clear about what is expected.

Complete Lesson 1.4 – Yardsticks and Clocks:

Specific Instructions:

  • ACTIVITY: Measuring great distances, P1 – REQUIRED
  • READ: How did we find the distance to the sun? – REQUIRED
  • WATCH: Crash Course: Astronomy – Distances – REQUIRED
  • ACTIVITY: Measuring distance using a Parallax – NOT REQUIRED
  • WATCH: How old is the earth? – REQUIRED
  • ACTIVITY: Modeling measuring time using radioactivty – NOT REQUIRED
  • ACTIVITY: Measuring great distances, P2 – NOT REQUIRED

Video Links:

Please click on the below link(s) – videos provide clear instructions for the things you’re required to complete this week. Please remember that you can change the speed of these videos if you’d like to go faster/slower. You can also re-watch videos as many times as necessary.

Instructions: BH Lesson 1.4 Yardsticks and Clocks

Assessment for Unit 1: What is Big History?

Specific Instructions:

Time to show what you’ve learned in Unit 1. Naturally, now would be a great time for you to review your notes, and revisit any resources on the Big History website that you think you could use some refreshing on.

When you think you’re ready, please come see me and I’ll set you up with a link to the assessment. 

Couple things to keep in mind:

  • You will need to sit inside to take your assessment.
  • Your assessment is done alone – this is not a group assessment.
  • You may use your notes to complete your assessment.
  • You will probably need almost a full class period, and you won’t be permitted to work on it over multiple class periods. Once you start, you must finish that period, so please plan accordingly.


If you have questions at any time, please start with re-watching the instructions video(s), linked to above, or reviewing other videos in my Big History Playlist. Instructions and tutorials are added regularly. If that isn’t enough, ask your peers – they’re incredibly capable young men and women and they likely have the answers you need. If you still hit a dead end, please email me, or come see me. During class I may not be available to answer many questions, but you can always make an appointment with me before or after school, or during lunch.

Quote of the Week

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


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