Weekly Expeditions

10th – Group: Daily Lessons

The archive of our lessons can be found here. Particularly helpful if you’ve been off-trail for a bit and need to reacquaint yourself with the rigors, and joys, of a life of adventure.

Continuing with CBL

OPENING - 5 minutes Just a quick heads up about the plan for today... We're going to start with the final presentation from Alondra's group since we didn't get to that yesterday. Soon as we're done with that, I'm going to be working with students on the independent...

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Presentations – What is CBL?

OPENING - 10 minutes Before we dig in this afternoon, let's talk a bit about how yesterday went. I know I put a lot on you, leaving you alone (together, but alone) to figure some stuff out on your own. I hope you had a lot of questions...they're almost always the...

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Introducing CBL

OPENING - 10 minutes I need to spend some time with the folks on the Independent Track for the first half of class, so you all have to work together to get some things done (described below). Before we get to that, though, you'll find the class contract we created...

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Class Contract

OPENING: Before we dig in to our new way of being in this class, we need to talk about expectations. I read through the survey responses from those of you who took the time complete it, and a few things really stood out. Almost all of you care deeply about your family...

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Where to from here?

OPENING: We're going to start with a quick review of your timelines from yesterday. I'll ask you your thoughts about them, and then I'll offer you mine. An honest, whole class conversation would be good for all of us. LESSON: In my humble opinion, we're in need of a...

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