Weekly Expeditions

10th – Group: Daily Lessons

The archive of our lessons can be found here. Particularly helpful if you’ve been off-trail for a bit and need to reacquaint yourself with the rigors, and joys, of a life of adventure.

CBL: Engage, part 3

Wednesday 10/04/2017 - OPENING: 15 minutes Back by popular demand, that's right folks, it's time for another game of "What's the Big Idea?". Today's game has us reading an article from Seth Godin, specifically, "Fear of Bad Ideas". We'll dig in as a class, and each...

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CBL: Engage, part 2

Tuesday 10/03/2017 - OPENING: 15 minutes It's Tuesday, and that means that our warmup is related to Source Citation. Well, sort of. As I mentioned last week, that topic wasn't quite right, but it was hinting at something important, and I finally figured it out....

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CBL: Engage, part 1

Monday 10/02/2017 - OPENING: 15 minutes It's Monday, and that means it's time for 20 Questions. Only change this time around is the person with the answer is NOT going to be Mr. D. LESSON - 30 minutes We've briefly touched on the Challenge Based Learning framework,...

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Big Ideas

Wednesday 9/27/2017 - OPENING: 30 minutes It's Hump-Day folks, and that means it's time for 'What's The Big Idea?'. What? You didn't know that? Of course not, it's our first time playing, but as with '20 Questions' and 'Cite that Source', it will be a weekly warm up...

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Starting to dig…

Monday 9/25/2017 - OPENING: 20 minutes Today we'll get warmed up with a game of 20 Questions. Since it's our first time, I'll play the role of the 'Answerer', but in future games, you all will fill this role. Rules: The Answerer thinks up something, and says, “I’m...

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Basecamp and Reflection

Friday 9/22/2017 - OPENING: 20 minutes We'll begin today by getting everyone set up for Basecamp - a fantastic tool used around the world to improve communication and collaboration among teams of people doing important work. We'll walk through this as a class to...

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QFT Continued

Thursday 9/21/2017 - OPENING: 10 minutes Let's start off by reviewing the list of questions we came up with yesterday. It's not everything, but it's a sampling from most of your lists. Review of the QFT: There are 6 key components of the QFT process. We've already...

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The Question Formulation Technique

OPENING - 20 minutes Today begins with a picture. You'll all be given a different picture, and you'll be asked to figure out what it is, and what it's used for. But the thing we're focusing on today is process. Figuring out exactly what the picture depicts is great,...

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Asking Questions

OPENING - 10 minutes Good morning. Today we'll start off with a graphic organizer that provides us an opportunity to practice asking questions. In the center of the small circle are the words 'My Day', and you job is to fill the bigger circle with as many questions as...

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CBL: Debrief and Reflect

OPENING - 10 minutes Let's start today with a discussion about the work we did on Friday. As you may recall, we had 6 web pages to read and take notes on. Not too much to ask, especially when you consider we don't have a text-book. So let's review by talking about...

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