Weekly Expeditions

10th – Independent: Weekly Lessons

The archive of our lessons can be found here. Particularly helpful if you’ve been off-trail for a bit and need to reacquaint yourself with the rigors, and joys, of a life of adventure.

W6: BHP Unit 2, Lesson 2.1

W6: BHP Unit 2, Lesson 2.1 Opening Please remember to watch the "Introducing Unit 2: The Big Bang" video if you haven't already done so. It provides some important information that will help you throughout the unit. This Week's Plan The priorities for the week are...

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W5: Introducing BH – Unit 2, and Lesson 2.0

W5: BHP Unit 2, Lesson 2.0 Opening If you're keeping pace with the weekly agendas, you'll be starting Unit 2 - The Big Bang. However, please remember that BEFORE you do that, you need to take the assessment for Unit 1. I'll provide the link to that assessment when you...

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W4: BHP Unit 1, Lesson 1.4

Opening If you're keeping pace with the weekly agendas, this week will have you finishing Unit 1. That's pretty exciting...especially since it means that you have your first assessment. Yay you. This Week's Plan The priorities for the week are explained below. Please...

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W3: BHP Unit 1, Lesson 1.3

Opening Please get in the habit of checking your email daily. I'll be providing feedback on your work that way, and it's important to read that in order to continue to improve your work. Reminders: Notebooks are very important to your overall grade, so they must be...

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W2: BHP Unit 1, Lessons 1.1 and 1.2

Opening Quick reminder...part of the goal of being on the independent track is that you are able to pace yourself. It’s not about doing exactly what I ask the moment I ask it. Rather, it’s about knowing what you’re responsible for, and completing those...

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W1: Getting started with Big History

Opening Big History is new to you, and my hope is that it provides an alternative path to success for you. You have every opportunity to get an A in this course having chosen the independent option, but what's true for our class more generally is still true for you -...

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