9th – Challenge

Finalizing Our Class Contract

OPENING: What better way to start the day than to reflect on process? Let's do this. LESSON: As we've done a few times already this year, we've collected the work that all 4 of our classes did on our collective Class Contract. The idea generation phase is over, as is...

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Creating a class contract

OPENING: Before we get going, I wanted to show everyone the new Mountain House Logo. :) That's right, results are in and there was a clear winner. The below logo got over 54% of the votes, and the next closest got a bit over 13%. I'm still working on the Mission...

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10th – Group

CBL: Debrief and Reflect

OPENING - 10 minutes Let's start today with a discussion about the work we did on Friday. As you may recall, we had 6 web pages to read and take notes on. Not too much to ask, especially when you consider we don't have a text-book. So let's review by talking about...

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Continuing with CBL

OPENING - 5 minutes Just a quick heads up about the plan for today... We're going to start with the final presentation from Alondra's group since we didn't get to that yesterday. Soon as we're done with that, I'm going to be working with students on the independent...

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10th – Independent

Week of 9/11/2017

These are the things everyone is responsible for completing… The Weekly Big History is new to all of you, and my hope is that it provides an alternative path to success for you. As I stated in class, you have every opportunity to get an A in this course having chosen...

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